In recent years, the livestock industry and processing of agricultural products in Vietnam strongly developed. Besides bringing huge economic benefits and solve the problem of rural workers, some breeding facilities and processing also causes serious environmental pollution and waste a large amount of materials recycled.

*Principle biogas
Waste from farms or processing plants will be collected according to the biogas system airtight. Here the amount of harmful bacteria in feces and animal waste decomposes into gas and water.

*Benefits obtained from Biogas cellar
Productivity gas (CH4) is from 0.5 m3/day to 0.6 m3/day service decomposition. The amount of this gas may fuel for small and medium-sized establishments, with great facilities for natural gas will be used to run a generator for the entire life of the facility or providing commercial interests. Economic production is around 1.5 to 2 years can withdraw funds.
The wastewater system has cut off 99% of helminth eggs, composting utilize fresh vegetables or water. Also bring biogas fertilizer safe for cultivation and limit insect development and growth, and thereby reduce the pest from 70% -80%, protect the health of farmers.


 1. Kind KT1 be applied in areas with good soil, groundwater levels low, can dig deep and narrow surface area.

Figure 1 - Equipment biogas cover fixed type KT.1 

 2. Kind KT2 fit areas with soft soil, high water tables, difficult to dig deep and wide surface area.

Figure 2 - Equipment biogas cover fixed type KT.2 


HDPE use of biogas cellar

 HDPE is manufactured from virgin resin and a small amount of carbon (C) black, so the tensile strength and elongation great. Films were fabricated from each roll has a length of 70 -: - 600m/roll corresponding thickness of 0.3-3mm. The width of the fabric width is 7m, while construction is welded together using a special heat-sealing
 Construction of Biogas cellar.

 1. Excavation holes to the size and scale of the farm:

 Figure 3 - Equipment biogas cover fixed type KT31

2. Install the first HDPE layer


3. Install the second HDPE layer

4. Collection Gas in treatment areas:


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