Hung Viet company is providing contractor and installation non woven geotextile art 12, non woven geotextile ts 30, geocell for west of west lake urban center area project

Hung Viet Company is  Providing contractor and installation non woven geotextle ART 12,

non woven geotextile TS 30, geocell for west of West Lake urban center area project

Starlake Project- west of  West LViake urban area developed by investors as Daewoo E&C Group and Korea Development Bank (KDB). Total investment of the project up to $2.5 billion. This project is symbolic for the relation Vetnam-Korea

The project has a total area about 207,6 ha, the administrative boundaries belong to Xuan La Ward, Tay Ho  District, Nghia Do Ward, Cau Giay District, Xuan Tao Ward, and Co Nhue- Tu Liem District.  This urban area has ideal distance( 5km far from city center, 14 km from Noi Bai International Airport) with fully functional diversity suchh as administration, hospitality, finance, education, trade business and entertainment ... express high- class. Starlake Project is expected to be the most star-class model in the Southeast Asian region.

Hung Viet Contruction Investment Production JSC is Providing and installing materials of non woven geotextile ART 12, non woven geotextile TS 30, geocell for sites of the project.

1. Main contractor: WK Vina Co Ltd.

2. Suplier: Hung Viet Contruction Investment Prduction JSC.

3. Product: + Non wonven geotextile ART 12

                    + Non woven geotextile TS 30

                    + Geocell

4. Some pictures of installation at site:

a/ Installing geocell for reservoirs preventing erosion

-Connecting pannels of geocell

Anchoring slope trench before concreting

-Spreading geotextile before installing geocell

-Geocell before concreting

-Concreting to prevent surface erosion


b/ Installing opening channels

-Connecting pannels of geocell

-Geocell assembling

-Rolling, compacting material inserted into geocell


-Installing opening channels technology has briefly installation period, take the advantagé of local material àd human force, that can be flexibly used in construction, transportation, irrigation, ect.

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