Concrete canvas


Concrete canvas is a new generation materials. Bending, textile, concrete, hardening (hydration) when exposed to water to create a thin layer of concrete, durable, waterproof and fireproof. In essence, the product is a roll form. Concrete canvas allows concrete to be made without mixing stations or mixers: just spray water


Concrete canvas with fiber reinforced 3D combined with ready-mix dry concrete. PVC backing pad makes the concrete membrane completely waterproof. CC can be hardened when sprayed or fully immersed in water. Once hardened, fiber reinforcement in the concrete helps prevent crack development and provides a safe form no failure with the plastic. Three layers of concrete canvas has three thickness: CC 5TM, CC 8TM, CC 13TM.


Rapid construction: Concrete canvas can be applied up to 200m2 / hour, 10 times faster than traditional concrete work.

Easy to use: Available rolls of concrete canvas can be used for limited areas, difficult to apply. Pre-mixed concrete should not be mixed, counted and compacted.

Reduce project costs: Simple and quick construction is the reason concrete canvas is more affordable than conventional concrete and simplifies transportation.

Environmentally Friendly: Low-density concrete fabric, using low-carbon technology, therefore uses up to 95% less material than traditional concrete in many applications.

Main properties of concrete canvas

Waterproofing: The PVC layer on the back of the concrete fabric membrane ensures that the material has excellent waterproofing properties.

Hardness: Fiber reinforcement helps prevent cracks, absorbs energy from the impact and provides stability against damaging effects.

Durability: The concrete canvas is abration resistant two times to conventional concrete, with excellent chemical resistance, weather-resistant and non-aging by ultraviolet

Flexibility: Concrete canvas is very good corrugated, so it can adhere to the type of surface and fit all types of infrastructure available.


Canal protection: The concrete canvas can be quickly spread to cover, surface and drainage of canals. Construction methods are faster, easier and less costly than traditional ditch and canal construction, and no special equipment is needed. Only a group of 03 workers can cover 200 m2 per hour.

Slope protection: Can be used to stabilize and protect slopes as a substitute for shotcrete and steel mesh. Construction work is faster, more competitive, requiring less specialized equipment and eliminating the risks associated with screed, debris and construction waste.

Damage protection: Concrete canvas is a low cost alternative for secondary dam protection. Helps prevent weed growth effectively, reduces maintenance costs as well as improves waterproofing and fire resistance. Rapid construction reduces the time spent on site, while manual rolls allow for construction in the vehicle area that can not be operated.

Repair: Concrete canvas can be used to quickly replace the surface and repair damaged concrete structures by the environment and cracking.

Drains: Concrete canvas can replace bitumen spraying or remodeling of damaged tunnels or culverts, which increases the life expectancy and enhances landslide protection.

Some picture on site:


                           Sample of product                                                                   Construction of the CC to protect the slope


Construction of the CC to protect the canal                                                         Construction of the CC to protect the drains

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